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Friday, 15 April 2016

Bedroom Lookbook 2016

Hey guys, after posting a few photos of my bedroom on various social media accounts, I was asked by a fair amount of people where certain things were from and if I could incorporate them into a blogpost somehow. I thought there was no better way to do it than an old school lookbook. Enjoy!

So, above is my bedroom. You can probably tell I stick to a kind of black and white theme (oh how boring Elle - I know ), I feel black and white fits every season and so is an easy colour scheme to stick with in terms of bedroom interior. I also find that there are a TONNE of accessories that fit rooms of this colour scheme. You'll probably also notice that I take way too much pride in my room. I guess this is because its like my own little space  - I feel a room can really reflect a personality.

As I was getting a lot of questions about where things are from. I thought I'd list the main ones below:

1) Bedding - JYSK
2) Black cushions - IKEA
3) 'It's just the little things' cushion - Tesco
4) Bedside table - IKEA
5) Light-up 'E' - Hobbycraft
6) Fairy lights - Primark
7) Alarm clock - ASDA
8) Dressing table vanity - IKEA
9) Storage basket - NEXT home
10) 'Little book of Chanel' - Amazon
11) 'Believe in yourself' notebook - Homesense
12) 'Vogue' photo frame - Sass&Belle
13) Grass man - Tiger
14) Black and white heart straws - Tiger
15) under-bed storage drawers - IKEA
16) mannequin - The Range

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Elle x


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

REVIEW: Too Faced soul mates blushing bronzer 'CARRIE&BIG'

This much awaited post has finally come (awaited by myself anyway). Some of you may have seen the tweets of the tragic moment I smashed my Too Faced Soul Mates bronzer just 20 hours after I purchased it (a sob story good enough for X Factor lets not lie), but after restraining for weeks I finally repurchased it again. This time, I got the shade Carrie & Big which is one of two shades - Ross & Rachel which I purchased last time - as this seemed to be more suited to pale skin tones like mine.

To put it bluntly, I am OBSESSED with this bronzer. Too Faced have really got it spot on with the packaging (although, when have they not), from the cute box to the huge mirror, the packaging is an all round winner. The mirror makes it perfect for travelling and if you happen to smash yours like I did with my first one, it means it still has a use.

 I've seen a number of negative reviews regarding this bronzer's tendancy to show up orange on many skin tones and I was a little worried it would have the same effect on me, if you know me, you know I hate orange face products. Now, I do have to admit this bronzer is slightly orange toned however this really works for me if I am going for an all over natural bronze as this is a similar colour to the colour I normally tan (yes, someone as pale as me can tan every once in a while). Whilst I'm saying it has orange tones, it certainly doesn't look 'orange'. Those of you that have used benefit hoola will know that it has grey undertones which makes it perfect for contouring however, slightly muddy looking if you bronze all over. This product is the opposite, not so great for contouring however , the perfect colour for bronzing. I particularly like using these products together as they seem to complement each other.

In terms of the blusher, I'm not going to lie in saying that it is quite hard to get on your brush without mixing it with the bronzer, this can be quite frustrating although is easily sorted by using a smaller blush brush. The colour itself is a colour that I've never used before, I normally go for dolly pinks however this coral shade really complements the bronzer and I find using them together gives you a really natural-looking complexion.

Overall, I'm chuffed with this bronzer and I think its a worthwhile purchase, I'm sure it will be getting a lot more use over the upcoming summer months.

You can get this bronzer here:

If you're on a budget and after this bronzer, keep an eye out in TK Maxx (TJ Maxx if you're in the USA), as they have them for sale once in a blue moon!

Elle x


Monday, 25 January 2016

Saatchi Gallery: Champagne Life

Choosing the photos to form this post was a difficult task for me. What with the Saatchi gallery being filled to the brim with incredible art and not wanting to be a complete spoiler and show you it all, this is what I managed to cut it down to.

Never heard of the Saatchi Gallery? I guess you could say it's fairly new, I believe around 30 years old. I'd wanted to go for quite a while and when I heard about their new exhibition 'Champagne Life', I could think of no better reason for a quick visit. This exhibition is an all female exhibition meaning that everything created in it was created by women and I believe this is the first all female exhibition there's been.

Unbeknown to me at the time, the gallery is situated near some beautiful shops and as I'm sure you can imagine, I did a fair bit of shopping too (which made the whole experience just that tiny bit better).

In terms of art, this gallery is breathtaking. I love an old art gallery - don't get me wrong, but the modern twist to the Saatchi makes it fresh and gives it that slight edge. This trip has helped to inform and inspire my own art and I look forward to visiting again when another exhibition arrives!

If you're into art or happen to be passing by (the nearest station is Sloane Square), then I 100% recommend you pop in for a look - you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Casual Sunday's / OOTD

Welcome back! Sunday's are perfect for sleeping in and going for long afternoon walks. While walking today I wore this casual outfit that I thought I'd share. This is my favourite kind of thing to wear on a Sunday. Outfit details are below, enjoy!

Jumper - ASDA (surprising I know, but you can find some really simple pieces in there)
Jeans - H&M
Trainers - Adidas Superstars

Elle x

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

£10 OFF URBAN DECAY electric palette + FREE delivery

Hello! As you guys know, I'm always on the hunt for new beauty bargains. Today I thought I'd share where you can get the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment palette with £10 off. It is currently on sale here at beauty bay  from £38 now down to £28.50 with FREE DELIVERY. Enjoy!

Elle x

(images are Beauty Bay not my own)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

autumn makeup re-stock - Stila 'In The Garden' palette

These past few weeks, autumn has been fast approaching the UK and kicking summer out of the equation (see you soon sun?), But strangely, that hasn't bothered me at all this year. What with crunchy leaves, berry lipsticks and the occasional pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, its a VERY exciting time of the year indeed, not forgetting the exciting autumn makeup that is about to make its yearly breakthrough! This in mind, I was on the hunt for some autumn eyeshadows until I stumbled upon the wonderful 'In The Garden' palette by Stila, not very autumnal you may think? Wrong. I first looked at this palette and thought 'hm, pretty, but not your typical autumn shades', but I proceeded to buy it anyway because lets face it - when do I ever say no to new makeup? Turns out, these shades are perfect for autumn. From the beautiful matte nudes to the champagne and bronze colours, these shades scream autumn. In fact, because this palette is themed around garden colours (the shade 'moss' for example, which is an earthy green), it makes them perfect for the whole 'leaves falling' kind of aspect of autumn.

I have to be honest, 'freesia' and 'rosette' (the blue and purple shadows) don't seem like your typical autumn eyeshadow choices but I feel like they could still look great, especially in the colder months and at Christmas.

(From left to right: Chinois Breeze Bark Freesia Rosette Nectar Honey Sage Moss Juniper)

In terms of pigment, these shadows are brilliant, they show up just as they do in the pan and the matte shadows are not chalky at all which is great news for me - there is NOTHING I hate more than chalky eyeshadows! Normally, I like to spray a little Mac Fix+ spray onto my brush when applying eyeshadow as this increases the pigmentation but with these shadows I don't need to do that at all, its a win win all round. 

I am SO excited for the rest of autumn and to experiment with these shadows and more makeup too, not forgetting some candle lit baths and cosy film nights! (Who am I kidding, I never get time for those anymore).

See you next time
Elle x 


Friday, 19 June 2015

The new fashion modelling app you MUST have!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk to you about an awesome new app that I discovered a few weeks ago, I'll warn you though - its totally addictive!

Feels is a brand new fashion modelling app (developed by Dawson King) which allows bloggers, aspiring models and fashion lovers to share their looks with the world and potentially be discovered! Feels are in partnership with Storm Models (I'm sure you've heard of them) who host some of the largest faces in the fashion and modelling industry, including the likes of Cara Delevinge and Kate Moss. This app is a breakthrough in the world of model scouting and is the first app of its kind, I think this is what had me so intrigued in the first place.

The app itself connects its users with brands and gives brands the opportunity to contact users if they're interested in working with them. Users can also enter castings through the app and this could lead to working with brands such as: Levi's, Oh My Love London, Shade London and plenty more. All you have to do is upload your latest look and tag the brands you're wearing - what could be simpler?

All photos that are posted to the app are checked by an in house team at Feels and have to be accepted before they get posted to the app, this ensures they are good quality and not over-edited. This is great as it means brands can get good quality photos of people they're interested in working with.

As you can see from my photos above, you tag the brands you're wearing and other users have the option to like and comment on your photos. You also get live notifications if your look is trending which is super cool.

Whether you're looking to be scouted or just love browsing through other peoples looks (like I do), this app is awesome. Not only is it fun and easy to use, I find it very useful for outfit inspiration.

I was lucky enough to vist Feels HQ and meet with casting/scouting director Sarah Vahie Fletcher, not only was she lovely, she told me a lot about the app and we had a chat about the ideas behind it which I found really interesting. Not to mention, the studio the team work in is SO cool and they even have the most adorable French Bulldog (I was slightly jealous).

Below are some photos of where all this fashion magic happens:

I hope you liked this post and I really urge you to go and check out the app. Its so much fun and gives you a great excuse to do a little posing!

You can find more information about Feels here:


Elle x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

A 60s style OOTD

Hello! Again, its been so so long since I have blogged and I can blame endless coursework and revision for that. Luckily, that will all be over in a few weeks time which means plenty more time to blog, which is exciting. This evening I was lucky enough to visit Feels HQ in London. If you don't know what Feels is, it is an awesome fashion and modelling app and a more in depth post about the app will be appearing on my blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Because I rushed over to London from school, I really didn't have much time to get ready and so I had to quickly throw an outfit on. Today I wore a dress which is from TK Maxx, I've had this dress for 2 years and it has never ventured out of my wardrobe until today. The weather in London was super hot today and that is something that the majority of British people aren't used to so I quickly threw on this dress as it was the coolest thing I could find (besides shorts). Considering it has been hidden away in my wardrobe for 2 years, I actually really like this dress - I kind of forgot I had it. To me, the print looks kind of 60s which is an era of fashion that I really love and I feel that the monochrome pattern would be flattering on basically anyone. Not to mention, it has a little white collar and some cuffs which I am a huge fan of - who doesn't love a collar?

Normally, I would pair this kind of dress with a pair of white heels with an ankle strap but the ones I had at home looked far too dressy and so I settled for borrowing a pair of my mums black strapped cork wedges (thanks mum). These are also from TK Maxx and are surprisingly comfy.

I then used a white shoulder bag just to carry my phone in, I really like this bag as it is very versatile and goes with most outfits. This bag was from Primark and was just £4.00

I think for a quick mash up this outfit worked quite well and hopefully I will wear this dress more in the summer months.

I'd also like to thank Sarah Fletcher from Feels for taking these photos and letting me visit their studios today! A post on their brilliant app will be coming soon!

See you soon

Elle x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shoreditch - The Unseen Photos

Hello! Its been two weeks since my last post and I apologise for that! What with being back at school, a whirlwind of homework and exams hit me in the face and I feel as though I have barely had time to breathe! Today I was looking back through my camera and thought I'd share with you some of my unseen Shoreditch photos. As you probably know, I LOVE street art and so, I really enjoyed rediscovering some of these photos.

Until next time..
Elle x
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