Exploring Portobello

London is somewhere I find myself a lot of the time due to it being one of my favourite places however even growing up visiting London a lot, there are still places I’ve yet to explore. Portobello road was one of them. After seeing every blogger and their great grandmas dog rave about Farm Girl cafe, I saw no better excuse than to head into the city and see for my own eyes what the huge hype was all about.

After a long – and I mean LONG – walk down Portobello Road on the hunt for Farm Girl I was undoubtedly hungry and so, began the day by ordering one of their signature rose lattes along with avocado on toasted sourdough with a poached egg. I can 100% confirm that both the drinks and the food live up to their hype all over instagram. For a start, the rose latte was presented beautifully and the taste only got better – unusual but pleasant nonetheless. And in my opinion, you just can’t go wrong with some good old avo on toast. Although, I’d never before tried avocado with strawberries, which turned out to be delicious which was a pleasant surprise.

After filling up on some insta-worthy food, I headed back down Portobello Road to explore the extensive array of shops. The variation in shop-type is what I particularly love about Portobello, from vintage stores, family businesses, designer shops and plenty of eateries, there were a tonne of cool places to have a browse. Something I really love is browsing through vintage and antique shops, I must admit I got far too excited when I discovered the shop of a man who sells old typewriters.

My day was good and got a step better when I turned a corner on Portobello road to find one of my favourite shops – Rough Trade. Rough Trade sells records and if you know me, you know how much I bloomin’ well love music. Obviously I had to go in and I ended up finding the last one of a Kings Of Leon vinyl which just topped off my day.

I don’t get to explore London as often as I like so it was super nice today to just mill around and see where it took me…

…I also now feel like a Christened blogger having finally been to Farm Girl!


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  1. Eleanor Frances
    December 11, 2016 / 6:28 pm

    Awesome photos, sounds like a great day of exploring xEleanor Frances | UK Style Blog

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