‘Find Power In Your Vulnerability’

How A Quote By Brené Brown Changed My Entire Outlook On Life

Find Power In Your Vulnerability sounds like an absolute nonsense piece of advice doesn’t it? Is that supposed to be inspiring? How does one find strength and courage in something that quite frankly, feels the opposite of those things?

It was on Pinterest when I first came across this quote, having no idea it came from Dr Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston. I read it, and quite literally thought to myself ‘wtf does this mean’, before carrying on about my day as if I had never even seen it. But for some reason, that quote really stuck in my mind. This was at the start of summer – notably one of the more difficult points in my life. Little did I know these few words would present me with a whole new understanding as to how it’s possible to obtain passion, motivation and courage from even the most unpleasant of situations. Fast forward to today and ‘find power in your vulnerability’ has a vastly different meaning to me.

Vulnerability to me was many things: hiding away how I felt or only exposing it to those closest to me (and still not mentioning every detail), not wanting to taint the image other people had of me – how could anyone find out I feel this way? What would they think? Feeling as though the troubles I was facing made me a lesser person, an unsuccessful person, a faulty person, a vulnerable person. But as I slowly began to accept my vulnerability and unleash it from within, I started the feel the power it could bring me. I felt motivated, driven, powerful. I had goals. I started to think about how I could use my experiences to help others, I really wanted to make a difference. I still do.

It was at this point I started to blog properly again.

Everybody has vulnerability, and in many different forms too; my biggest vulnerability being my mental health for sure. For the last two-and-a-bit years I’ve suffered with panic disorder – one of several variations of Anxiety (I say this because ‘anxiety’ an umbrella term & can present itself in so many different forms – a lot of people assume all anxiety is the same). While this has without a doubt been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with, using my experiences to empower myself allowed me to start seeing the positives in what I’ve been through. I no longer see anxiety as a weakness but rather, a recurring test allowing me to discover my strength and resilience, building upon them both each day. Vulnerability has not only brought me strength, but development in my maturity, my empathy towards others and most importantly, my overall outlook on life.

I no longer see anxiety as a weakness but rather, a recurring test allowing me to discover my strength and resilience, building upon them both each day.

It’s no secret that being vulnerable is a primal fear of ours and we will do anything to avoid it, particularly in a society so saturated by toxic masculinity. And truthfully, it’s not easy to be vulnerable. It’s scary, difficult and a long process. My point is though, don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable once in a while. Talking about how you feel can be liberating, especially if you’re one to keep your feelings locked up and concealed from the outside world.

If you take anything at all from this post, understand that you have the strength within you to show vulnerability, to find the power it brings and most importantly, own it. This is something I’m still working on too but I find it fascinating how a change in perspective can have such an impact on your life. Never be afraid to reach out to someone if reaching out is what you need.




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