Hawaii Photo Travel Diary | Oahu

If you saw my last post – my Vegas photo diary – it will be no surprise that this is the 2nd part of my photo diary series. Late last year I embarked on a bloomin’ long-haul trip to Las Vegas and then onto Hawaii via Los Angeles, that continued into the beginning of this year. It might be almost March but I am STILL sorting through my photos and those that my family took too. I wanted to compile some of the best (and worst) into a photo-based blog post purely to look back on in years to come. I also love nosey-ing at other people’s holiday snaps so I thought these would be fun to share.

On day 1 we took a tour of the entire island of Oahu, one of my favourite parts was seeing this volcanic rock against the crystal clear water.

┬áHere we have New Years Eve – the day Hawaii had an influx of Box Jellyfish, one of which decided to give me a lovely sting (I was in it’s habitat after all). These photos were taken after both crying and a lovely Australian gentleman telling me that the lifeguard was going to ‘piss on my arm’. Fear not, I was doused in smelly vinegar instead.

Here we have a semi-recovered Elle, still feeling rather sick, off to celebrate NYE with fireworks on Waikiki Beach (not before grabbing an oh-so-cultured Burger King first – seriously, everywhere else was completely packed).

After hiking up an in-active volcano (Diamond Head Crater I’m looking @ you) in the humid heat and spits of rain, my family thought it would be an excellent idea to get a 40 minute Uber and visit Pearl Harbour. This didn’t turn out to be such a great idea after being torrentially rained on in an hour long queue. Being the skinny stick bod that I am, I was freezing. Do you know how much of a nutter you look moaning about being cold in Hawaii?

^ Yes, Hawaii is everything you would imagine it to be and more. I’m talking Hula dance, Mochi ice cream (which is UNREAL by the way) and Lei garland’s being available to buy in almost every shop.


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