How To Make Money With 21 Buttons

Haven’t heard of 21 Buttons? Neither had I until fairly recently. It’s something I kept seeing crop up all over the place but never really explored until a few months ago. To put it in short, 21 Buttons is a fashion app which allows you to post your own looks and individually tag where each item is from. This is great for finding your own inspo as you can save looks and items to then purchase yourself – I find myself doing this far too often! Equally though, people can also do this with your looks and each time one of your tagged items is purchased, you earn a percentage of commission. This can then be transferred to your bank account whenever it reaches the minimum amount of £10. See below:

My top 5 tips for earning money on 21 buttons are fairly simple.

1) If you’re wearing an item of clothing that is old and not on sale any more, try to tag a similar item you can find and mention that you’ve found an alternative

2) Make your photos as high quality as you possibly can – 21 buttons works like a shop, the higher quality your photos, the more likely you are to make a sale

3) Interact with other users, like photos, save other looks and make sure you stay active to make your page more discoverable

4) Find the correct audiences – the majority of people don’t have thousands of pounds to splash on a bag, low cost items tend to make more sales. If you’re thinking of posting luxury items, make sure you find a luxury audience or tag cheaper alternatives too

5) Stick to a theme. When I first started my 21 buttons page I didn’t have a theme, I created one for fun and it turns out it majorly increased the engagement I’m getting from my posts. It seems people these days love a theme!

It can take a while to build up to a point where you can earn comission but this aside, the app is really fun. I love just scrolling through people’s looks and editing themed photos of my own to share and any commission that happens to be earned is just a bonus for having fun! I’d recommend this app to anyone but it’s particularly great for bloggers since you can use this in conjunction with your blog and to help spread your posts to wider audiences.

Do any of you guys also love using 21 buttons?

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