Muted colour palette | Flea market finds

Muted colour palette | Flea market finds

In attempt to make my blog more fashion based (fashion is what I enjoy creating posts about the most) I thought I’d start including more OOTD (outfit of the day) posts on here. One week today marks 1 whole year since I visited New York city, the place of my dreams. It was here I visited a flea market in Dumbo, Brooklyn and this morning I was left reminiscing of the rails of beautiful vintage clothes. While there, I purchased this striped blouse and so, to fill my heart with New York dreams once again, I decided to build an outfit around it. Sadly, I’m not the most photogenic of people when other people try and snap shots of me so after many attempts, I’m being a bad blogger and posting a mirror selfie (gotta keep it real round here).

What I like about this top is the 60s feel it has with the super high neckline, it’s something I feel is timeless and can’t see myself ever selling/getting rid of. After all, this shirt carries so many memories from my trip it really does feel like more than just a piece of clothing to me.

I decided to add some colour to what was a somewhat monochrome look but still keep it muted, if you know me you’ll know it’s rare I wear bright colours – I don’t know what it is but I just really love neutral looks. These trousers are from Zara and no longer in stock but almost identical ones can be found here.

In terms of shoes, I always seem to be chucking on these wedge sliders from New Look,  they’re plain and simple but just so comfy and they seem to go with so many of my outfits. They really are just an
easy choice in this hot weather. These can be found on my 21 buttons page.




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