It’s A Satin Shirt Summer

It’s A Satin Shirt Summer

I’ve really been enjoying editorial style fashion posts recently – they’re some of my favourite to read since they’re not content heavy and I love looking at people’s photos. They’re also some of my favourite to produce since I absolutely love photo editing. Something I’ve been seeing a lot online recently are satin garments, particularly shirts. So many people style them so effortlessly and I decided to give it a try.

Personally, I found Pretty Little Thing had the greatest selection of satin shirts to choose from and at a fairly decent price too. From my experience, I can say the shirts a pretty long and definitely give an over-sized look – this might be partly due to how vertically challenged I am but I can see them still being fairly long on other people too (just something to note). In terms of the actual shirt, I really like it. I don’t think I personally pull off the satin look well but it’s definitely something that I love on other people – like I say, I’ve seen countless people wearing shirts like this recently.

Though this post isn’t about nails, I just want to shout out Elegant Touch too. I’ve recently been trying their ‘Barely There’ nail multipack since getting acrylics is often quite damaging and more expensive (don’t get me wrong I still love acrylics) – these are plain and can be painted which I find particularly great since I get bored of colours so easily. I’ve linked these down below if anyone happens to be interested!




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