The new fashion modelling app you MUST have!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk to you about an awesome new app that I discovered a few weeks ago, I’ll warn you though – its totally addictive!

Feels is a brand new fashion modelling app (developed by Dawson King) which allows bloggers, aspiring models and fashion lovers to share their looks with the world and potentially be discovered! Feels are in partnership with Storm Models (I’m sure you’ve heard of them) who host some of the largest faces in the fashion and modelling industry, including the likes of Cara Delevinge and Kate Moss. This app is a breakthrough in the world of model scouting and is the first app of its kind, I think this is what had me so intrigued in the first place.

The app itself connects its users with brands and gives brands the opportunity to contact users if they’re interested in working with them. Users can also enter castings through the app and this could lead to working with brands such as: Levi’s, Oh My Love London, Shade London and plenty more. All you have to do is upload your latest look and tag the brands you’re wearing – what could be simpler?

All photos that are posted to the app are checked by an in house team at Feels and have to be accepted before they get posted to the app, this ensures they are good quality and not over-edited. This is great as it means brands can get good quality photos of people they’re interested in working with.

As you can see from my photos above, you tag the brands you’re wearing and other users have the option to like and comment on your photos. You also get live notifications if your look is trending which is super cool.

Whether you’re looking to be scouted or just love browsing through other peoples looks (like I do), this app is awesome. Not only is it fun and easy to use, I find it very useful for outfit inspiration.

I was lucky enough to vist Feels HQ and meet with casting/scouting director Sarah Vahie Fletcher, not only was she lovely, she told me a lot about the app and we had a chat about the ideas behind it which I found really interesting. Not to mention, the studio the team work in is SO cool and they even have the most adorable French Bulldog (I was slightly jealous).

Below are some photos of where all this fashion magic happens:

I hope you liked this post and I really urge you to go and check out the app. Its so much fun and gives you a great excuse to do a little posing!

You can find more information about Feels here:


Elle x


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