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This is a collaborative post with The Haze Shop

If there’s one thing I’ve always struggled with, it’s finding suitable luggage to travel with – particularly bags. Admittedly I am quite fussy; but these days it proves difficult to get something that is durable, aesthetically pleasing AND good value for money. Never fear though, The Haze Shop has finally solved all my bag-related problems.

The brand itself is very urban and up-to-date, this intrigued me since I wouldn’t consider myself the most stylish person when it comes to street-wear. Nonetheless, all the products were so detailed and beautifully designed I couldn’t help but want to give them a go.

The bag I’ve been using is the Haze Shakra Backpack. It must be said that the second I opened this, I was genuinely shocked at both the attention to detail and quality of the bag – I don’t know what exactly I was expecting but this went above and beyond all expectations. The bag, made from premium neoprene, is most certainly durable so perfect for carrying heavy items – this could be great for someone at school/university or someone who likes to carry a laptop. Neoprene is also known for its great waterproof properties, once again adding to the durability and practicality of this bag. From my experience, it’s rare to find something so durable and practical at the expense of style.

As I mentioned before, the attention to detail on this bag is one of the things that really amazed me. Not only due to the intricate embroidery on the front but also the embossed-style print over the bag’s surface – for me, this really makes the bag and sets it apart from any other you might find. The detail doesn’t even stop on the outside, the inside features a number of cleverly constructed compartments for maximum organisation and once again, practicality.

I’ve genuinely been so impressed by Haze as a brand and can’t wait to see what new products they create in the future, I know I’ll probably love them. I’ll leave links to Haze and their social media below so feel free to check them out!


Elle x

* This post is in collaboration with The Haze Shop. As always, all opinions remain my own!

This is a collaborative post with The Haze Shop

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