Trying NUXE rose products

Ever since last Christmas, I’ve had an ever-growing love for NUXE as a brand. After receiving a cracker with a selection of their mini’s as well as a few bits in my advent calendar, it didn’t take me very long to realise how good their products were making my skin look and feel. On a recent trip to Cannes I decided to take the plunge and purchase some of their full size products (that I hadn’t previously tried) and see if I got on with those too.

It’s worth me mentioning I have a pretty normal skin type, my skin doesn’t tend to get oily and it only really gets slightly dry in winter so while these may work for me, they may or may not be for everyone. In terms of my skin, I get the odd spot here and there but other than that it’s pretty clear (I have plenty of other shitty genes that make up for it) – my main problem is slight blemishes around my jaw/cheek area.

The first product I chose was the Micellar cleansing oil with rose petals as I’d recently run out of my Clarins Instant eye makeup remover.  It must be said, the Clarins remover is my all time favourite, it’s oil based so melts makeup off your face and it’s something I’ve re-purchased time and time again. That being said, I noticed this NUXE cleanser was cheaper, appeared to do the same thing and was also oil based. I can say, despite being oil based cleansers, they do different things and I love them equally but prefer them for different areas of my face.

The NUXE oil suggests rubbing the oil over your face using your fingers (not a cotton pad) which I must admit, is a bit of an alien experience and feels slightly wrong at first. That being said, it literally removes skin makeup completely in one wash and leaves the skin feeling softer than I can even describe. Sometimes I find scrubbing your makeup off with cleansers to be quite tough on the skin but this whole process feels really delicate and good for the skin. This product claims to work on the entire face (eyes included) but if I’m completely honest, while it works brilliantly on the face, I don’t find it to work particularly well on eyes. It does remove the makeup but it leaves the eyes blurry and watery which, as you can imagine, isn’t the most pleasant experience. As well as this, despite the product suggesting not to, using a cotton pad definitely works better on the eyes – removing mascara with your bare fingers is a really odd experience.

This cleansing oil has really helped to clear my skin and remove blemishes to the point where I don’t even feel the need to wear foundation anymore – something which is so nice in summer because there’s nothing more unpleasant than slapping a full face on in this heat.

The second product I decided to try from the range was the Gentle Toning Lotion. Toning is something I’ve never really been bothered with until very recently and now I have a bit of an obsession. You’d think someone who’s main skincare issue is their skin tone would immediately think to use toner but no, not Elle. Toning was something I only did when I was doing a full on PAMPER (you know those days) but since using this, I’ve been doing it literally every day. Not only does this remove any extra makeup residue that the cleanser missed, it also works brilliantly with the NUXE oil cleanser since it also removes the oil residue – being left looking sweaty and oily ain’t the one! This lotion is so soft and I genuinely believe it’s the reason my skin has become so clear recently, I’ve found it’s not even a short term after-use effect too, it’s really helped my skin long term.

In conclusion, not only do I love both of these products individually, I feel they work particularly well as a duo. I’d be interested to see how they work with other products but for now, I’m really loving them together.




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