Trying Red Cherry Lashes | A Review

This post contains products kindly gifted to me by As always, opinions remain my own.

If you’ve ever asked me anything about eyelashes, there’s absolutely no doubt the words ‘Ardell Demi Wispies’ and ‘’ have left my lips. For as long as I remember wearing lashes, I’ve been an avid fan of Ardell and never worn eyelashes unless they were Demi Wispies. The best place to buy these of course, is (known on social media as We Love Lashes). Buying a single set of eyelashes time and time again can be expensive no matter how many uses you get out of that single pair – it was actually this that made me discover in the first place. sell both single sets of eyelashes as well as multipacks in many styles which in the end, save you a lot of money. I have completely lost count of the amount of multipacks I’ve been through in my time as an eyelash wearer.

In life and in makeup¬† I’m often one of those ‘If I like it, I’ll stick to it’ kind of people – I never really saw the point in trying lashes other than Ardell since they suited my eye shape better than any I had tried previously. I remember once, branching out and trying a set of lashes which absolutely didn’t suit my eye shape at all and I’ve been almost too scared to try anything else since.

When asked if I wanted to try some of their Red Cherry lashes I was absolutely over the moon. I must admit though, I still didn’t believe anything could compare to my trusty Ardell’s.

As you can see above, the lashes I’ve been trying and testing the 2 weeks or so are Stevi, Ivy, Demi Wispy and Molla. I would actually¬†go as far as saying I prefer the Red Cherry Demi Wispy lashes to the Ardell ones.

One of the things I love most about these Red Cherry lashes is their invisible band. This makes them really natural looking and means they suit both natural and dramatic eye makeup looks. As someone who loves to wear lashes without eye shadow or eyeliner, this is really important to me. This might be a weird observation but I’ve also noticed Red Cherry lashes have a slightly longer band than most lashes, this is brilliant in terms of being inclusive of a range of eye shapes because if the lash is too long, you can simply cut it down! Too often I find that a lash is too short for a particular eye shape/look. And to top it off, the number of different lash styles they offer is second to none – you’re bound to find a style that suits you. I’m really not sure why I didn’t try them sooner.

You might notice in the photos above that I have also been trying a Revlon lash glue and a lash applicator tool. I don’t know where I’ve been (under a rock I presume), but I can honestly say I didn’t know there were such tools to apply lashes with. I’ve always used my trusty tweezers so I was more than intrigued when these arrived at my front door. What I really love about these, is that they grip the whole lash as opposed to a small part (like tweezers), which makes them much easier to use. I’ve found that using these helps me place the eyelash directly on the lash line with minimal fiddling. Though I must admit, this did take some getting used to!

Overall, my first experience with Red Cherry lashes has been extremely positive. I’m glad, but also sending condolences to my bank balance now that I want to try every style. RIP. As far as the Revlon glue is concerned, I’m loving it. However, I don’t feel I’ve been out on an occasion long enough to give it a full honest review yet. Expect a glue review (see what I did there) coming in the near future!


This post contains products kindly gifted to me by As always, opinions remain my own.

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