PEACE FORCE – A Weekday & Non-Violence collaboration

PEACE FORCE – A Weekday & Non-Violence collaboration

‘A peaceful collaboration between like-minded individuals, a non-profit organisation and a fashion brand’

For AW18, Swedish street-wear brand Weekday are launching an eye-opening collaboration with Non-Violence Project (NVP), a non-profit organisation that works to promote solving conflicts without violence. The partnership consists of a network of spokespersons for peace and a collection, available from today (October 11th), that allows Weekday customers to promote peace in their daily lives. The network, that also goes by the name of Peace Force, is comprised of 9 individuals who in some way or another have been affected by violence and wish to use their experiences to make a stand against it.

The main graphic is the ‘Knotted gun’ NVP logo, originally created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersw√§rd, as a tribute to John Lennon who was shot and killed in New York City in 1980.

‘This collaboration feels very personal and close to our hearts, as violence in some form has affected the communities we live in, our friends and our families. This is a major problem on a global scale and we cannot be silent on such an important issue that affects so many. Our work with Non-Violence Project helps us start a conversation and hopefully inspires others to be role models for a world without violence.’ – Nadine Schmidt, Head of Marketing at Weekday.

To highlight and support the work of all those involved in this project, I’ve selected some of my favourite pieces from the collection below. All photographs are linked so feel free to click on an item and head over to Weekday’s website to check out the whole collection.

Check out the Weekday campaign HERE

Check out Non-Violence HERE

* Photos and videos are not my own and belong to Weekday and Non-Violence


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